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BacteriaGame is a training tool for medical students (2nd and 3rd cycle) and medical biology laboratory staff. 

It has proven its efficiency in small and large groups (up to 6 tables of 8 players at the same time supervised by a teacher).
This card game was created at the University Sorbonne Paris Nord, thanks to a collaboration between a medical bacteriologist (Mathilde Lescat) and the Ludomaker (Nicolas Pineros). Later, a young talented drawer joined them and was able to put into images significant key messages about different bacteria of medical interest. 

The educational objectives of this game are knowledge objectives:

  • To know the essential bacteriological characteristics of bacteria (Gram appearance, respiratory characteristics, virulence capacities, main resistances to ATB).
  • To identify the environmental/commensal sites in which these bacteria evolve.
  • Make the link with the pathologies due to these bacteria.
  • But also to deduce how to collect them to diagnose them in the laboratory.
  • Understand the antibiotic treatments to be implemented for serious or frequent infections due to these bacteria.



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