A symposium of ANRS | MIE
– Tuberculosis Coordinated Action –

Institut Pasteur de Lille
July 3-5, 2024


Wed 03 July

17:00 Welcome & Coffee
17:30 Opening remarks
18:00 Shared Keynote Lecture with the Acid Fast Club
Christian Lienhardt: The Long and Winding Road to Novel Tuberculosis Treatments
19:00 Wine & Cheese with the Acid Fast Club

Thu 04 July

08:45 Welcome & Coffee
09:00 Nathalie Winter: Neutrophil subsets play dual roles in tuberculosis by producing inflammasome dependent-IL-1b or suppressing T-cells via PD-L1
09:30 Isabelle Vergne: Exploring the macrophage cytosol for novel Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipid-binding proteins involved in innate immunity
09:50 Natacha Faivre: Tuberculosis-induced glycolysis favors tunneling nanotube formation, promoting HIV-1 dissemination in macrophages
10:10 Short talk by speaker selected from abstracts
10:25 Coffee break
10:50 Vivek Thacker: Early events in tuberculosis – harnessing micro-physiological models to study humanity’s oldest foe
11:20 Sarah Monard: Identification of a novel nerve cell population in lung granulomas during tuberculosis
11:40 Wendy Le Mouellic: Mycobacterium tuberculosis sulfur acquisition during infection
12:00 Short talk by speaker selected from abstracts
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Fabrice Bonnet: Title to be announced
13:45 Lorenzo Guglielmetti: endTB clinical trial, efficacy and safety of new, shorter treatment regimens for MDR-TB
14:15 Praha Rupasinghe: MIC distribution of the endTB and endTB Q clinical trial isolates for the new and repurposed anti-TB drugs
14:45 Olivier Bahuaud: Dynamics of T cell phenotypic profiles during tuberculosis treatment
15:05 Short talk by speaker selected from abstracts
15:20 Coffee break
15:45 Nicolas Durand: MmpL diversity is a key factor involved in the mycobacterial virulence in the opportunistic pathogen Mycobacterium abscessus
16:15 Louis David Leclercq: Non-tuberculous mycobacteria and glycopeptidolipid : what’s new from Mycobacterium abscessus?
16:35 Silke Malmsheimer: Mycobacterium abscessus trehalose polyphleates are important for survival in macrophages
17:05 Short talk by speaker selected from abstracts
17:20 Christian Chalut: The mycobacterial antibiotic resistance determinant WhiB7 mediates drug tolerance in the emerging human pathogen Mycobacterium abscessus
17:40 Francesco Olea Popelka: Using the One Health approach to address the challenges posed by Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex species in livestock, wildlife, and humans
19:00 Aperitif

Fri 05 July

08:00 Coffee
08:30 Charlotte Genestet: Translational approach to decipher Mycobacterium tuberculosis host specificity
08:50 Bouke de Jong: How do we protect all oral regimens from acquiring resistance?
09:20 Short talk by speaker selected from abstracts
09:35 Coffee break
10:00 Ruben Hartkoorn: Developing novel anti-tuberculosis molecules into a potential drug regimen: thoughts and processes
10:30 Tiago Beites: Turning Mycobacterium tuberculosis appetite for fatty acids against itself
11:00 Short talk by speaker selected from abstracts
11:15 Digby Warner: Mycobacterium tuberculosis: hiding in plain sight
11:45 Kamel Djaout: Improving pretomanid potency to revert resistance
12:05 Lunch
13:05 Keynote lecture
Edith Houben: Inner workings of mycobacterial type VII secretion systems
13:55 Zainab Edoo: Simultaneous inhibition of multiple aminotransferases as a new strategy against TB
14:15 Short talks by speakers selected from abstracts
14:45 Ludovic Tailleux: Improving TB Treatment by Targeting Macrophages
15:15 Meindert H. Lamers: Targeting DNA replication in Myocbacterium tuberculosis
15:45 Best-Poster Award (FEBS Open Bio) and Best Young-Scientist Talk Award (Molecular Microbiology)
16:00 Fairwell



Alain Baulard • Maryline Bonnet • Priscille Brodin • Roland Brosch • Stéphane Canaan • Oana Dumitrescu • Jean-Louis Herrmann • Laurent Kremer • Didier Laureillard • Camille Locht • Estelle Marion • Olivier Neyrolles • Pierre Santucci • Nicolas Veziris • Nathalie Winter


Alain Baulard • Olivier Neyrolles
ANRS | MIE Département Recherche fondamentale:
Gnouma Sacko • Maimouna Djamila Ngadjaga
Sophie Lecher • Mylène Martin
Gaëlle Hennet • Olivia Vong


Olivier Neyrolles • Francois-Xavier Blanc • Alain Baulard • Guislaine Carcelain • Didier Laureillard • Olivier Marcy • Maryline Bonnet • Nathalie De Castro• Philippe Van de Perre – Cécile Peltekian • Guia Carrara • Rachel Bellone – Maimouna Djamila Ngadjaga

Abstract submission

Abstract submission for poster and short talks:
Please provide a structured abstract no longer than 500 words (Arial 10) with the following sections: Title, Names and Institutions, Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results.

Abstracts must be submitted by email to Alain.Baulard@Pasteur-Lille.fr

When submitting your abstract, kindly specify whether, in addition to your poster, you would like to opt for an oral presentation.
The Scientific Committee will select eight Short Talks from the submitted abstracts.

Download the abstract template here 

Deadline abstract submission (with or without request for oral presentation)  : May 3, 2024 at 12:00 PM (CEST).

Registration fees

Students, Post-docs

Registration deadline: June 3, 2024 extended to June 12th, 2024 at 12:00 (CEST)

Cancellation policy

All cancellations must be electronically mailed to comptabilite@sfm-microbiologie.org

Registration fees will be refunded as follows:

  • Cancellations received up to and including June 02, 2024: total refund fee.
  • No refund on cancellations as of June 3, 2024.
  • Deadline for name changes: June 15, 2024.

Congress Information

July 3-5, 2024
Institut Pasteur de Lille
1 Rue du Professeur Calmette
BP 245 – 59019 Lille Cedex 

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