3-year post-doctoral position available on mosquito-borne virus infection

A 3-year post-doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Ali Amara (Biology of Emerging Viruses). Our team is part the Institut de Recherche Saint-Louis, a Research Institute dedicated to human pathologies located on the campus of the Saint Louis Hospital in the center of Paris. Technical support is provided by several state-of-the-art core facilities including BSL3 laboratories, imaging, cytometry and genomics.

The project has received funding from the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale. It aims to identify host factors essential for mosquito-borne virus (flavivirus and alphavirus) pathogenesis. Applicants for this position should have strong knowledge and expertise in virology, protein biochemistry, molecular biology and the field of host-virus interactions. Main activities will be: CRISPR cas9 and genetic screens, viral studies in BSL3 environment, mice studies, recombinant protein and protein complex purification and mass spectrometry.

The successful postdoc candidate has recently obtained a PhD (2019 or 2020) and has strong interest and a proven track record of achievement in virology and molecular biology.
Motivated candidates with creative and innovative skills, which have previous experience with either FACS, confocal imaging or genetic screens, RNAseq are especially encouraged to apply.

The position is available starting immediately. Please send a cover letter describing past research accomplishments and future research interests, CV, and a list of 2 references by
email to: ali.amara@inserm.fr

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