Post-doctoral position in Viral Metagenomics


The HAP2 European research project aims to develop host-directed drugs and biomarkers to enhance the prevention and treatment of hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) (https://hap2- Our research team is involved in the biomarker work package and has been generating viral metagenomics data on this cohort. We also lead research projects using metatranscriptomics, metagenomics, and/or metabarcoding data to explore viral pathogenesis and respiratory diseases on several other clinical cohorts (including patients hospitalized for bronchiolitis, influenza disease, and pre-term newborn). The postdoctoral fellow will be in charge of the analysis of multi-omics data of the human microbiome (including metabarcoding, metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, and transcriptomics) in these different clinical studies, with the help of bioinformaticians and virologists of the team.

Contract: 2 years.

More details here

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