Research position available Microbiologist – Genetics, OLGRAM

Research position available Microbiologist – Genetics, OLGRAM

Place of work: Archamps (Fr) / Geneva (CH)
Olgram is a leading biotechnology company at the forefront of cutting-edge research and innovation. We are committed to advancing the discovery of new medicine to cure immune related and infectious diseases thanks to groundbreaking discoveries and breakthrough solutions that have a positive impact on global health and the environment. As we continue to expand our research and development efforts, we are seeking a dedicated and skilled Microbiologist with a strong background in genetics to join our dynamic team.

We are looking for a passionate Microbiologist with expertise in genetics to contribute to our ongoing projects in molecular biology. The ideal candidate will play a key role in the design and execution of experiments, contribute to data analysis, and work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team of scientists to drive forward our mission of creating new tools to fight the chronicity of infectious diseases

Key Responsibilities:
– Genetics Research: Lead and support research projects focused on microbial genetics, including but not limited to gene expression, genetic modification, and genotyping.
– Experimental Design: Develop and execute experiments to investigate genetic elements, pathways, and mechanisms related to our biotechnology initiatives.
– Data Analysis: Analyze experimental data, interpret results, and contribute to the development of scientific reports and publications.
– Collaboration: Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to integrate genetic insights into biotechnology applications.
– Laboratory Management: Maintain laboratory equipment, ensure compliance with safety protocols, and help with inventory management.

– Ph.D. and/or post-doctorate in Microbiology and Genetics, or a related field with a focus on genetics.
– Proven experience in microbial genetics, genetic engineering, and related techniques.
– Strong knowledge of molecular biology techniques, gene expression analysis, and gene editing technologies.
– Proficiency in data analysis and relevant software tools.
– Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
– Strong problem-solving abilities and a commitment to scientific rigor.

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