PhD position – Microbial ecology, Microbial interactions & Microfluidics

PhD position
Microbial ecology, Microbial interactions & Microfluidics

Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, France.
Starting October-November 2023

The presence in the natural environment of single microbial strains responsible of a particular bioconversion process is a rather rare event: complex microbial consortia carry out most environmental transformations.
However, most biotechnological processes still rely on the use of single microbial strains. In order to expand the use of microbial consortia in biotechnological process, the objective of this PhD project is to investigate new approaches to build simplified microbial consortia that efficiently perform complex tasks, instead of using monocultures, and to develop new cell factories. With this approach, it will also be possible to develop an innovative method to study microbial interactions.

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