Two years post-doctoral position, Inserm, Tours

INSERM U1259, TOURS, France

Title: Hepatitis C Virus and Morphogenesis Mechanisms

Job offer: A two years post-doctoral position is available, under the supervision of Philippe Chouteau and Philippe Roingeard, in the Philippe Roingeard’ Lab ” Morphogenèse et Antigénicité du VIH et des Virus des Hépatites” (Inserm U1259), located in the University of Medicine, Tours, France. The position may start in September 2020.

The host group explores the relationship between Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and its cellular host in the context of an optimal cell culture, consisting of a combination of cells differentiation and physiological hypoxia. Our previous work has demonstrated the ability of such an HCV cell culture to produce highly infectious progeny viruses biochemically and morphologically similar to those present in naturally infected sera (article under publication).

Our research project aims to provide a better understanding of these viral and cellular mechanisms in relation with the hypoxia metabolism.

For the development of this project, the selected applicant will use standard cellular biology, virological and molecular in vitro approaches and will benefit from the expertise of the host laboratory in HCV infection models.

Qualification and experience: Applicants will hold a PhD in molecular virology with an expertise required in molecular and cellular biology. Expertise in the cellular hypoxia mechanisms will be appreciated. The selected candidate should be highly motivated, enthusiastic, and team-oriented scientist.

Scientific environment: The team has a strong research experience in the Hepatitis B and C viruses’ field. The lab is equipped with a BSL3 safety laboratory. It is located in the medical school building of Tours University and is involved in many collaborative research programs. Lab members have a privileged access to the in-site microscopy core facility of the University (confocal and transmission electron microscopy) headed by the Director of U1259 Research Group (Ph. Roingeard).

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Contact: Applicants are invited to send a CV with a list of publications, a summary of research experience, a motivation letter and recommendation letters of referees to

Informal enquiries are welcome.

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