POSTDOCTORAL POSITION – TEAM 2 of INSERM UMR 1135-Cimi-Paris (Paris, France)

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in TEAM 2 of INSERM UMR 1135-Cimi-Paris (Paris, France) for the RespiriTB and RespiriNTM EU IMI H2020 Program for 3.5 years starting 2022

In the context of a European IMI AMR (innovative medicines initiative, antimicrobial resistance) 6-year project, we are offering a postdoc position for a project aiming at evaluating pre-clinical activities of new antimycobacterial drugs in murine models for tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacteria. This project will be performed with collaborating European academic teams having complementary expertise in different topics (chemistry, crystallography, toxicology, zebra fish, clinical trials) and with an industrial partner (Janssen).

We are seeking a highly motivated and autonomous postdoc with proven experience in bacteriology, animal models and statistics. Additional PK/PD expertise would be greatly appreciated.

The postdoc position will cover 3.5 years of salary.

The research activity will take place within the team “Emergence and Diffusion of Multiple Drug Resistance against antibiotics” led by Alexandra Aubry. The team has a strong experience in evaluation of antimycobacterial drugs, epidemiology and mechanisms of drug resistance and possesses technical skills in animal models, bacteriology and biochemistry. The team is tightly linked to the National Reference Center for mycobacteria allowing access to clinical samples and data. The research center provides access to level 3 laboratory and animal facilities.

Candidates should send a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae to Pr. Alexandra Aubry (

More details here

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