Offre de thèse – Université de Lorraine

Thesis LUE 2019 – October 2019-2021

mISSILE-ATB : Impact of chronic StresS on IntestinaL bactErial diversity and AnTiBiotic resistance

Direction and co-direction : Catherine CAILLIEZ-GRIMAL – Corentine ALAUZET
Laboratoire Stress IMmunité Pathogènes EA7300 – Université de Lorraine

Summary: The gut microbiota (GM) is a complex ecosystem whose homeostasis is sustained by a constant influx of commensal microorganisms. It is an environment conducive to horizontal gene transfer (HGT) through continuous nutrient flux, high density and diversity of species, including antibiotic-resistant strains, and a permanent dialogue between bacteria. The composition and organization of gut can be affected by various factors including acute or chronic host stress. Our work has shown that chronic stresses significantly modify GM composition by decreasing Porphyromonadaceae family members in murine models. The objectives of this project are to study the bacteriological properties (adhesion, antimicrobial activity) of taxa of interest belonging to this bacterial family and to explore the influence of host stress on antibiotic resistance gene (ARG) transfer within the GM. The results obtained will make it possible to envisage means of combating stress-induced dysbiosis and associated pathologies.

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