Post-doctoral position in host-pathogen interactions in staphylococcal bone-joint infections

Post-doctoral position in host-pathogen interactions in staphylococcal bone-joint infections
International Center for Infectiology Research (CIRI)
Inserm U1111 – CNRS UMR5308 – ENS Lyon – Université C. Bernard Lyon 1
Team « Staphylococcal pathogenesis », Hospices Civils de Lyon

Scientific environment and projects

The selected candidate will join the team « Staphylococcal pathogenesis » of the CIRI (

It is a multidisciplinary team composed with microbiologists, biologists, pharmacists, physicians, engineers and bio-informaticians. Among the 4 intertwined research axes of the team, one is dedicated to bone-joint infections (BJI). This axis, led by Pr. Frédéric LAURENT, is part of a translational research strategy (Bench to Bed) in close interaction with the clinicians of the CRIOAc Lyon (Regional Reference Center on complex BJI) and of the Hospices Civils de Lyon, with the following objectives: (i) describe the clinical and epidemiological sides of BJI (Clinical research), (ii) explore the physiopathological mechanisms of these infections (Fundamental research), (iii) develop new diagnosis and therapeutic strategies in collaboration with French and European academics as well as companies (R&D).

Our fundamental research is focused on the 2 main physiopathological mechanisms of the chronic BJI: cell invasion and intracellular persistence inside osteoblasts, and biofilm formation. We seek a postdoctoral researcher to reinforce the axis dedicated to host-pathogen interaction, i.e. “Study of the mechanisms of internalization and intracellular persistence of the staphylococci”. This work package currently consists in 3 projects : i) the FINOVI project IMBCiSa (for Integrin-Mediated Bone Cell Invasion by Staphylococcus aureus during chronic osteomyelitis) that aims at deciphering the signaling pathways and at understanding the effects on osteoblast and bone of the S. aureus internalization; ii) the European project INFECT-ERA StaphIN that intends to identify the bacterial factors favoring the internalization and intracellular persistence; iii) the ANR project Antidote that develops new antibiotics formulations in order to increase their intracellular activity. Together these projects will decipher the bacterial and cellular mechanisms involved in invasion and persistence of S. aureus into osteoblasts, which will help defining novel and efficient therapeutic strategies. These questions are pivotal and to further understand the interaction between S. aureus and cells, we applied to this year’s FINOVI funding call and we submitted a pre-proposal letter to the national funding agency (ANR).

The candidate is expected to tackle the questions of the intracellular life of S. aureus using phenotypical, genotypic, proteomic and/or transcriptomic approaches, especially identifying how ways of internalization, intracellular localization affects its virulence and abilities to persist using laboratory and clinical isolates


PhD in cell biology, microbiology and/or molecular biology with at least 2 years of a previous post-doctoral experience in academics. Candidates are expected to have a solid background in cell biology with expertise in microscopy and/or flow cytometry and/or molecular biology. Prior experience in microbiology and host-pathogen interactions would be a valuable asset.

The successful candidate will be in charge of his own projects and will manage 3 to 4 people (technician, engineer, master student or PhD student). An ability to be efficient at driving several projects at the same time, self-motivation and a good relationship are therefore required, as well as excellent written and communication skills in English.

The salary will be based on the Inserm grid adjusted to prior experiences and will be adjusted to the implication in the projects throughout the stay in the team.

The position is based in Lyon in the team « Staphylococcal pathogenesis » of the International Center for Infectiology Research (CIRI) from February 2019 for 2 years in first instance but with a will for a long-term collaboration depending on the possibilities for a stable position.

To apply, please send a CV (including contact details for 2-3 referees) and a cover letter to Pr Frédéric LAURENT ( and Dr Alan DIOT (

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