One Health High-Level Expert Panel (OHHLEP) – ToRs and Call for Experts

Call for Experts – One Health High-Level Expert Panel (“OHHLEP”)
Issued on: 29 March2021
Deadline: 16 April 2021

The Food and Agriculture Organization (“FAO”), the World Organisation for Animal Health (“OIE”), the United Nations Environment Programme (“UNEP”) and the World Health Organization (“WHO”) (collectively, the “Partners”) are seeking individuals to serve as experts on the One Health High-Level Expert Panel (OHHLEP). Recognizing the complex and multidisciplinary issues raised by the interface of human, animal and ecosystem health (“One Health”) that require enhanced coordination and collaboration among sectors and agencies, nationally and internationally, the Partners have agreed to establish the OHHLEP to assist them in their support to Governments in the framework of the Partners’ One Health collaboration. The functions of the OHHLEP are set out in its Terms of Reference.
The OHHLEP will be multidisciplinary, with experts who have a range of technical knowledge, skills and experience relevant to One Health. The working language of the OHHLEP will be English.

The Partners welcome expressions of interest from experts representing the broad range of disciplines relevant to One Health, and in science and policy-related sectors and disciplines relevant to the tasks of the OHHLEP, i.e.:
– emerging infectious diseases and zoonoses;
– viral diversity, surveillance and risk assessment for emerging pandemic threats;
– infectious disease epidemiology, prevention and control;
– biodiversity, wildlife and ecosystems health;
– health systems policy and practice and pandemic preparedness;
– food systems and their interlinkages with health;
– social, economic and behavioural sciences relating to One Health;
– disciplines in informatics, modelling, prediction and foresight relevant to assessing impacts of environmental and other changes on emerging diseases and health;
– climate and environment.

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