Call for Nominations: Join the FEMS Board of Directors

We are excited to announce an opportunity for three dedicated individuals to join the Board of Directors of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies beginning 1 January 2025. As a vital pillar of our organization, the Board plays a pivotal role in guiding the direction and initiatives of FEMS, impacting the broader microbiology community and helping to shape the future of microbiology.

This is a volunteer opportunity for passionate and committed individuals to contribute their expertise, vision, and leadership to the organization. Whether they are an early career scientist looking to make their mark or an established professional eager to give back to the community, we invite you to help promote this opportuntiy or pass this call onto interested colleagues who embody the values and aspirations of our community.

Benefits of serving on the Board include:

  • Networking opportunities with leaders and peers in the microbiology field.
  • Professional development through leadership experience and skill-building.
  • Increased visibility and recognition amongst peers and network.
  • The chance to shape the future of FEMS and its role within the microbiological community.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for one of the available positions, applications are open until 17:00 Central European Time (CET) on Friday 14 June 2024.

More information on the benefits and skills FEMS is seeking can be found in the Nomination Information Pack

To apply applicants should email the FEMS Election Committee submitting the following items:

  • a supporting letter from two FEMS Member Societies
  • their CV
  • a brief covering letter highlighting why they are applying for the role and how they feel their skills and experience can contribute to FEMS.

Finding it difficult to contact a FEMS Member Society to secure a supporting letter? Feel free to contact and we will help contact be made between the candidate and the contact person at that Society.

Following the nomination period, shortlisted applicants will be reviewed and invited mid-July to present their nomination to the Council on 12 -13 September 2024. Here the membership will vote on which candidates will become the next members of the Board of Directors.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Kind regards,

Cameron (on behalf of FEMS Executive Director and FEMS Board of Directors)

Federation of European Microbiological Societies
Delftechpark 37A, 2628 XJ Delft, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31-(0) 15 302 0050

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